This Week's Performers

  • Closed for the summer!

    Postcrypt Coffeehouse won't be hosting shows over the summer, but we'll be back up and running once the semester starts in early September 2013! Thank you all for a great semester (and a special shout out to our graduating managers--Annika Christensen, Rose Donlon, and Anthony da Costa)!

    If you have any questions regarding booking, please direct your inquiries to our booking managers at

    If you are interested in volunteering with Postcrypt next semester, donating to Postcrypt, or becoming a Postcrypt manager, please contact us as! We are always looking for people to help run Postcrypt so if you love music and have an interest in social media, publicity, artist booking, catering, event planning, or just managing an awesome music venue, then get in touch with us!

    Happy summer!

  • It's our last weekend of the season!

    It's our last weekend of the season!

    So we'll be ending with a bang! We've got two amazing nights of musicians for you, we'll be stocked with homemade baked goods and all the love and folk we can muster for this last weekend before September rolls around!

    Friday 5/3

    8:30 Willy Gantrim

    9:30 Feral Foster

    10:30 Sean W Spellman and Thor Robert Jensen (of Quiet Life)

    Saturday 5/4
    Laura Dunn's Farewell to NYC for a while concert! - We'll be starting early to cram in as much amazing music as possible to end our season and give Laura the best farewell!

    8:15 Kendy Gable

    9:00 Frank Tedesso


    10:00 Laura Dunn

    10:45 Plume Giant
  • FINALLY, FOLK FEST! Sunday April 14th, 1pm-9pm!

    FINALLY, FOLK FEST! Sunday April 14th, 1pm-9pm!

    It's finally that day we've all been waiting for- Postcrypt's annual Folk Fest on the Van Am Quad on the Columbia Campus. An entire day of free music and food out in the sun, and we've got an amazing line up for you to boot!

    1:00 ✪ Brittany Ann Tranbaugh

    2:00 ✪ Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues

    3:00 ✪ Joe Fletcher (of Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons)

    4:00 ✪ Mountain Animation

    5:00 ✪ The Fine Machines

    6:00 ✪ Anthony da Costa

    7:00 ✪ Mike Savino (Tall Tall Trees)

    8:00 ✪ Bird Courage

  • Come on down Friday for a special night...

    Come on down Friday for a special night...

    March 29th, we will have a performance from New York City songwriter and comic-book artist Jeffrey Lewis at 9:30. Rachel Laitman starts off the night at 8:30 and Dewey and the Decimals closes at 10:30. This one will definitely fill up fast so come early to get a seat!


    On Saturday we've got another special treat--Aaron Lee Tasjan and Anthony da Costa playing in the round from 9:30 to 11:30 (8:30 set TBA). Stage banter and folk jokes are sure to be present, so don't miss out on the fun!

  • POSTCRYPT PRESENTS: Cal Folger Day, Ian Link, Viking /// Jordan Shapiro & Jennifer Milich, David Bea

    POSTCRYPT PRESENTS: Cal Folger Day, Ian Link, Viking /// Jordan Shapiro & Jennifer Milich, David Bea

    It's pretty much basically almost kind of spring, so celebrate with Postcrypt this weekend by grabbing a cold  beer (a cold non-alcoholic ginger beer, that is) and chilling out in the crypt to some good music with some nifty folks! We've got a bang-up line-up for y'all, so make this a weekend you won't/can't/ain't gonna miss!

    Friday 3/8

    8:30 Al Folger Day (

    9:30 Ian Link (

    Viking (

    Saturday 3/9

    8:30 Jordan Shapiro & Jennifer Milich

    9:30 David Beal (CC '15)

    10:30 Scott Meyers

  • PageImage-496615-4680933-POSTCRYPTPRESENTS2223.jpg

    It's going to be a mid-February miracle in the crypt this weekend as we host SIX AMAZING SINGER-SONGWRITER SOLO PERFORMERS! Do yourself a favor and check out their music in the links below! If you've got a itch for some toe-tappin' good tunes, then come to the crypt on Friday (2/22) and Saturday (2/23) for a folkin' good time! Postcrypt is FREE (no cover!), ALL AGES, and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

    Friday 2/22:

    8:30 Scott Rudd 

    "This is mellow music that, in the rawest and most honest of manners, captures and explores the emotional terrain and fallout of a broken-hearted, aching soul." - Wave Maker Magazine

    9:30 Jo Schornikow

    "Jo Schornikow has an incredibly warm voice that carries such an emotional punch…combined with poignant lyrics, beautiful minor chords and lo-fi tape hiss she conjures up a very moving and intimate exposure of the bedroom heart." - Folk Radio UK

    10:30 Cooper Formant 

    With carefully crafted lyrics, arching melodies and ragged, soulful vocals, Cooper Formant makes beautiful music that we can't stop listening to!

    Saturday 2/23:

    8:30 Lorraine Leckie 

    "It is rare to find an artist who can stand up so well without musical adornments or lavish processing. Lorraine Leckie's Martini Eyes is short, poignant, and worth many listens." - Origivation Magazine

    9:30 Calum Ingram 

    "Cellist Calum Ingram kicked things off, this time with a trio, playing his raw, high-energy blend of blues and funk, this time beginning with an intriguing jazz waltz groove" - New York Music Daily

    10:30 Joe Yoga 

    "Wow. Joe Yoga just blew me away with a song that literally deserves to be in some kind of anthology of great American songs. Holy crap." - Astoria Music and Arts

  • February 15th and 16th shows at the crypt!

    February 15th and 16th shows at the crypt!

    Love is in the air! It's Valentine's Day week, and whether you love it or hate it, there's no better way to pass the night with your significant other (or "just a friend") than at a Postcrypt concert! We've got an amazing line-up this weekend so join us for songs, cider, and a good time!

    Postcrypt has no cover! It's always free, open to the public, and all ages! Doors open at 8 and the show starts at 8:30!

    Friday 2/15

    8:30 TBA

    9:30 TBA

    10:30 Anna Vogelzang

    "The Wisconsin troubadour has a penchant for playfulness when it comes to her music; however, when she gets serious, few craft a better folk song." - Huffington Post

    Saturday 2/16

    8:30 Emily Drinker

    Emily Drinker (BC '12) made her Postcrypt debut in March 2012 and rocked the house with her strong, soulful voice and powerful songwriting. 

    9:30 Kwesi Kankam

    "His music composition is a carefully crafted medley incorporating the whit of Dave Matthews Band, powerful rhythms of Ghanaian gospel, soothing melodies of John Mayer and the genuine honesty of Ben Harper." - Olivia Krawczyk, Vanity Fair Corporation

    10:30 Philip Montagu-Evans

    Philip Montagu-Evans is a 21st century singer/songwriter from Sweden, located in Brooklyn, NYC. He's an upcoming talent with riveting lyrics and passionately raw refrains.