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    It's going to be a mid-February miracle in the crypt this weekend as we host SIX AMAZING SINGER-SONGWRITER SOLO PERFORMERS! Do yourself a favor and check out their music in the links below! If you've got a itch for some toe-tappin' good tunes, then come to the crypt on Friday (2/22) and Saturday (2/23) for a folkin' good time! Postcrypt is FREE (no cover!), ALL AGES, and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

    Friday 2/22:

    8:30 Scott Rudd 

    "This is mellow music that, in the rawest and most honest of manners, captures and explores the emotional terrain and fallout of a broken-hearted, aching soul." - Wave Maker Magazine

    9:30 Jo Schornikow

    "Jo Schornikow has an incredibly warm voice that carries such an emotional punch…combined with poignant lyrics, beautiful minor chords and lo-fi tape hiss she conjures up a very moving and intimate exposure of the bedroom heart." - Folk Radio UK

    10:30 Cooper Formant 

    With carefully crafted lyrics, arching melodies and ragged, soulful vocals, Cooper Formant makes beautiful music that we can't stop listening to!

    Saturday 2/23:

    8:30 Lorraine Leckie 

    "It is rare to find an artist who can stand up so well without musical adornments or lavish processing. Lorraine Leckie's Martini Eyes is short, poignant, and worth many listens." - Origivation Magazine

    9:30 Calum Ingram 

    "Cellist Calum Ingram kicked things off, this time with a trio, playing his raw, high-energy blend of blues and funk, this time beginning with an intriguing jazz waltz groove" - New York Music Daily

    10:30 Joe Yoga 

    "Wow. Joe Yoga just blew me away with a song that literally deserves to be in some kind of anthology of great American songs. Holy crap." - Astoria Music and Arts