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  • Folktober is upon us!

    Folktober is upon us!

    Folktober Fest is this Thursday, October 25th!

    There will be an open mic from 8:30 until 10pm -  E-mail to sign up to play, or show up the night of the event in Carman Lounge. There will be lot's of baked goods and fall spirit, and The Morningsiders will be headlining at 10pm. Come on down!

    Visit our facebook event for more information:

  • Postcrypt returns on September 14th! / Bob Dylan releases "Tempest" on September 11th!

    Postcrypt returns on September 14th! / Bob Dylan releases "Tempest" on September 11th!

    Hey folks...Hope you've had a great summer!  We have two items of business to discuss:

    1)  Postcrypt returns for its fall season on Friday, September 14th!  We'll have a great show that night featuring the lovely Margaret Glaspy among others, as well as our first open stage event the following night (Saturday, September 15th)!  After this opening weekend, our open stage events will return to their usual spot on the first Saturday of each month!

    *Note - This year, we'll be instating a new policy regarding our open stage events.  Due to the popularity of these nights, and the limited time available, we will be chosing each open stage night's performers via a lottery system.  First 15 or so names to be chosen (after an 8pm signup) will be the performers for the night.  

    2)  Bob Dylan's new album, "Tempest", will be released on Columbia Records this Tuesday, September 11th.  Watch a super weird music video for the first single, "Duquesne Whistle", here.  Who wants to camp out in front of a record store with us?  First we'll have to find one!


    Lots of exciting stuff coming your way this year.  Let's hang!


    Anthony & The Postcrypt Staff  

  • Postcrypt Closed for the Summer!

    Postcrypt Closed for the Summer!

    But don't be too sad, we will re-open on September 7!  **NOTE - Opening date has changed to September 14th.

    P.S. The photo above is of The Sea, The Sea during our Folk Festival. Thanks everyone who came out, it was a fantastic time! Have any great photos from the festival you'd like to share? E-mail them to

  • Postcrypt's Last Weekend of the Semester!  THIS WEEKEND!

    Postcrypt's Last Weekend of the Semester! THIS WEEKEND!

    Hey folks!  We here at Postcrypt Coffeehouse sure hope you've been well.  Thanks to everyone who helped make our 4th annual Folk Fest a success!  We had a blast putting on music for all of you and giving away free food while we were at it.  We can't wait til next year!

    Speaking of next year...well...this school year is coming to a close.  And with that comes our LAST WEEKEND OF POSTCRYPT for the semester.  Don't worry!  We'll be back in the fall (September) with more sweet sweet folk jams for all of you.  However, before we go dark for the summer months, please do come out and enjoy some tunes, baked goods, and friends!  

    For Friday, April 27 and Saturday April 28, we'll be featuring some excellent talent for all of your listening pleasure!  We're excited about these shows and hope to see you there!  Here are our performers, along with a video sample of each..

    Friday, April 27
    8:30 Rachel Laitman (
    9:30 Little Sur 
    10:30 Yoni Gordon (

    Saturday, April 28
    8:30 Lorraine Leckie & Her Demons (
    9:00 Molly Ruth 
    9:30 Justin Hillman 
    10:00 Calum Ingram & Jessie Arlen
    10:30 Mike Savino
    11:00 Anthony da Costa 

    Not bad, huh?  The music is all FREE and our college venue OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!  Help us end this year in style!   After all, what've you got to lose?

    This land is our land.  Partytime. 

    - Postcrypt Coffeehouse 

    PS.  You can RSVP on our Facebook event page by clicking here!

  • Postcrypt Folk Festival on April 15th!  Lineup Announced!  Free music & food!

    Postcrypt Folk Festival on April 15th! Lineup Announced! Free music & food!

    Hey everybody!  Anthony here, to let you know that we will be holding the 4th annual Postcrypt Folk Festival on SUNDAY, APRIL 15th!  We're all very excited.  It should be a really great day. 

    We're teaming up with student groups Live at Lerner as well as the Bacchanal Festival to bring you an ENTIRE WEEK of music, food, and fun called SYMPOSIUM.  Don't miss out! 

    Our festival will take place on the 15th from 3-10pm, featuring a killer lineup of 7 of our favorite Postcrypt acts!  Check it out. 


    (sweet yet creepy folk cabaret/bjork-ish melodies, beautiful words) 


    (male and female harmony duo, melodic wonderfulness, thoughtful lyrics)


    (stompin' and clappin' 8-piece roots music, somehow stemming from the Hudson River


    (NYC singer/songwriter extraordinare.  just returned from New Mexico.  makes you feel good about the world)


    (NYC duo inspired by "love and all the strings it's attached to") 


    (Columbia's own!  too much fun!)


    (secret set, special guests, bringing the folk/rock, bring your party band game face)

    The festival will take place at Van Am Quad on Columbia University campus.  It's FREE and will also consist of FREE FOOD from Dinosaur BBQ.  THAT'S RIGHT - free barbecue, folks!

    Come on out, bring your friends, it's going to be great!


    Your Webmaster,


  • Postcrypt Folk Festival 2012 is NEAR!

    Postcrypt Folk Festival 2012 is NEAR!

    Hey hippies!  And non-hippies!  And those in between!  Anthony here, your webmaster, telling you that the 4th annual Postcrypt Folk Festival is happening THIS APRIL 15th from 2-9pm at Van Am Plaza on Columbia University campus.

    There will be food, activities, friends, and of course, MUSIC all day!  It's going to be sweet.  Free!  All ages!  Open to the public!  Just like Postcrypt.  

    We will be announcing more details, as well as the LINEUP pretty soon.  You can rest assured that the bands will be sweet.  

    Mark your calendars!   Let's do spring right.


    PS Bring your flutes and djembes.  As long as you don't jam Jethro Tull.  Actually, sure, rock the Tull.  Whatever.   

  • Postcrypt Closes for Spring Break!

    Postcrypt Closes for Spring Break!

    Hey everyone!  We hope you're having a lovely March so far.  There have been some great shows at the 'Crypt recently, with more to come this semester!  However, we will first be closing for the next TWO weekends due to it being Spring break (and us being a student-run, university-mandated coffeehouse venue).  So that means no shows March 9, 10 or 16, 17.  We'll be back on the 23rd!  

    Also note - the next open mic will be Saturday, April 7th. 

    Have a great one!  

    Your Webmaster,


  • We're Back!

    We're Back!

    Hey everybody!  Anthony here, hoping that you're all having a great start to your 2012.  As many of you know, Postcrypt has been dark for the winter break, but we are returning THIS WEEKEND to bring you another semester of sweet, sweet FOLK.  We can't wait!  Can you?

    Shows start again on Friday with myself hosting a night with the very talented AJ Roach (NYC by way of Scott County Virginia) and David Moss (new to NYC, originally from Illinois).  More info to come!

    Please stay tuned to this page this week for more info on the upcoming opening weekend, as well as the rest of the shows for our spring season.  

    Have a great week, and we hope to see you at the 'Crypt soon!

    Your Webmaster,


  • "The Postcrypt", a film by Morrow Gordon (Columbia Post-Baccalaureate Graduate)/This weekend's shows!

    Hey folks!

    Anthony here, hoping that you're enjoying your fall so far.  It's mighty rainy out today...though it looks like things are going to clear out this weekend...just in time for some sweet sweet acoustic folk!

    First off, I wanted to quickly share a short documentary about Postcrypt, made by one of our own (Morrow Gordon, a Columbia Post-Baccalaureate Film Graduate).  Morrow made this about two years ago, when Postcrypt was facing a lot of heat from the University.  At the time, the club was in danger of closing...Thankfully, two years later, we are still here and thriving!  We've been working closely with the office of the University Chaplain, as well as the rest of our community here at Columbia to keep providing you with great music, friends, and environment! 

    I recently came across the film and watched it for the first time in a while...Besides describing our issues back then, it also both describes and exhibits many of the attributes that makes this particular venue so special.  Thanks for making this, Morrow.

    ALSO!  We have a couple of great shows happening this weekend, featuring some Postcrypt favorites (such as Tall Tall Trees and Columbia undergrad Nick Bloom), as well as locals Andrew Rose Gregory (of the Gregory Brothers--> you might know them as the creators of "Auto-Tune the News" and "Songify This!".  I'll also be playing my usual Saturday spot, though this time the second-to-last Saturday (due to our closing for Turkey Day Weekend).  Come on out!  

    Stay warm and hope to see you soon!

    Your Webmaster,


  • Open Stage Rescheduled for THIS WEEKEND (Saturday Nov. 12th)!

    Open Stage Rescheduled for THIS WEEKEND (Saturday Nov. 12th)!

    See?  Now the jackolantern is smiling!  Am i dating myself here?  

    Well folks...we know that a lot of you were bummed that we had to cancel our last open stage (Nov. 5th)...So we decided to reschedule it for THIS SATURDAY, Nov. 12th!  

    It will be the same deal as usual...8pm doors/signup, 8:30pm start.  Everybody gets 2 songs.  Come early to make sure you get a spot, as they usually go pretty fast!  And enjoy some baked goods/cider.

    We hope to see you there, and at future 'Crypt shows!

    Your Webmaster,


  • *Happy Halloween!*  Also, NO OPEN STAGE THIS WEEKEND!  :(

    *Happy Halloween!* Also, NO OPEN STAGE THIS WEEKEND! :(

    Hey guys,

    Anthony here, to address a few things.

    1) Happy Halloween!

    2) There will be NO open stage this weekend.  Due to the upcoming election day, the school counts the weekend as an academic holiday and therefore does not allow any events to take place in its buildings during this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  PLEASE keep watch on the website for upcoming open stage events, including our next regular one on Dec. 3rd.

    3) We understand that the calendar currently lacks listings.  We are trying a new system for letting you guys know about shows, and we will be doing our best to keep the calendar as up to date as possible.  Know that you can always see this week's performers by clicking on the designated page.  We'll get the calendar up and running again ASAP.

    Thanks for your support, and hope to see you at a show soon!

    Your Webmaster,


  • FOLKTOBER FEST (plus this weekend's shows...)

    FOLKTOBER FEST (plus this weekend's shows...)

    Hey everybody!  Anthony here.  Just wanted to let you Columbia students know about a special open stage event we will be holding on Thursday, October 13th, aptly titled "Folktober Fest"! 

    Here's a note about the event from our co-head manager, Rose Donlon...


    "We're breaking out of St. Paul's Chapel for the night and taking over Wien Lounge (pictured above), which is located on the first floor of the residence hall on 116th between Amsterdam and Morningside. 

    Bring your best sing-alongs, foot stompers and that song you've been practicing on guitar by yourself in your dorm room. Spend the night with some pumpkin pie and ginger beer all free all night, folks. 

    There will be a two song or ten minute maximum for each performer. We welcome all genres of music and if you want to throw some slam poetry out there, we'll take that too. E-mail to reserve a spot or show up the night of."

    (Feel free to RSVP on our Facebook event page!)


    So there you have it!  Free pie and ginger beer?  Where else will you get that on a Thursday night (besides, perhaps, your grandma's house)? 

    *Note--> this IS a student-only event...For 'open to the public' shows.... 

    Come on out to the 'Crypt THIS WEEKEND!  We've got fantastic music coming your way, including sets from Postcrypt favorites such as Chris Faroe (featuring Peter J Hochstedler), Tall Tall Trees, and Will Stratton!  It's going to be a fabulous weekend of acoustic music, and it's all FREE!  

    Don't miss out on these great events.  Hope to see you soon!  And stay warm and cozy as things get cold and pretty out.



  • New website! / Opening Weekend!

    New website! / Opening Weekend!

    Hey all!  This is your trusty webmaster, Anthony.  This blog will be updated regularly by myself, as well as a host of other Postcrypt managers and enthusiasts.  Thanks for visiting! 

    So, as you may or may not have noticed already, this is our brand new website.  We had an old one that was okay, but lacked many of the new site's features:  a prettier/simpler interface, a more informative calendar, ability to host videos/mp3, functional blog, and more.... Basically, we're looking to revamp Postcrypt's web presence!  Being that the club has been around since 1964, there is a TON of history that we here at Postcrypt are trying to build on, while bringing our venue into the 21st century...This will include more frequent updates, as well as posted reviews, videos, and mp3s of shows/performers. 

    If you'll notice, you can now go to our calendar and click on links that will lead you to performer websites.  You can also check out our "This Week's Performers" page, which features the 6 different acts which will be gracing our stage this weekend (3 each on Friday and Saturday).  

    **Please know that this website is and will continue to be a work in progress.  There are more pieces of content/features coming your way.  Please let us know if there is anything you'd like to see on the website/any way that we can improve.  We're open to any and all suggestions!  You can reach us at postcryptcoffeehouse at columbia dot edu.

    And now...onto this weekends festivities!  


    I am proud to say that Postcrypt's fall season starts THIS FRIDAY (Sept. 23rd) with the wonderful Charles Von RosenbergKendy Gable and Sara Lewis, to be followed by Robby Hecht3 Penny Acre and myself (Anthony da Costa) on Saturday night.  Many of these performers are NYC based (a common thread at Postcrypt), whily Robby and 3 Penny Acre come to us on tour from Tenessee and Arkansas, respectively.  It is going to certainly be an exciting couple of nights, and a warm and welcoming way to commence this series that we here at Postcrypt love to host.

    Remember, all shows are FREE and OPEN to the public.  There is no booze, but there WILL be plenty of tasty drinks and snacks available at the bar.  And the music is always unplugged.  Come share some sweeeeeet jammage with us.

    To another great season,